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Bulk Cheap Domain Name Registration News

Bulk domain registration means ordering many domain names or buying many domain names by one person or one institute at a time. Bulk domain registrations are cheap as companies give discount on that. ...

New Deal Allows Price Increase For Wholesale Domain Names
that includes allowing a price increase for wholesale domain registrations. The new deal is in line with policy priorities of the Trump administration. The contract renewal through 2024 allows VeriSig...

Daily Poll: Do You Care About the Wholesale Cost of .com Domain Names?
Finances aside, there are some people who think the actual price of .com domain names should be very low. The profit margins are quite high, and if the .com registry were to go out for bid (I do not b...

Cloudflare gets into registrar business with wholesale domains and free privacy
As Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince wrote in a blog post yesterday, "We promise to never charge you anything more than the wholesale price each TLD charges." That includes the small fee assessed by ICANN ...

Cloudflare announces no-markup domain name registrar
... that it is expanding its domain name registrar offering in a bid that could shake up the domain name registration business. The key feature: wholesale pricing with no markup. Yes, that means you p...

Cloudflare Enters Domain Registry Business
27 that it plans to open up a domain registrar that will enable anyone to register an internet domain at wholesale cost ... The market for domain names overall continues to grow. VeriSign released its ...

Verisign's Attempt to Increase its Fees Still Unjustified Despite Diversionary Tactic
The wholesale price [2] of domain names accordingly is ... [13] It is therefore misguided to believe that market forces will naturally constrain fees to register or renew .com domain names. The .com e...

Top Domain Registrars
Tucows has unit OpenSRS for resellers the first wholesale platform for selling and integrating domain names. Namecheap ( Hosting & Domain Provider ) Name is sufficient to know that they offer cheap do...

Brenda Cascio And Audrey Craig Reveal What It's Like To Be Mother-Daughter Entrepreneurs
Deborah Sweeney: How did you come up with the name "GB Design House" for the business ... This was before the Internet, so I went to the library, found the Thomas Register and wrote down a list of who...

GoDaddy makes bulk domain appraisal tool available to NamesCon attendees
At the same time, I found many of the wholesale values to be much lower than what the domains sold for just recently on GoDaddy Auctions. Also, GoDaddy’s appraisals for new top level domain names seem ...

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