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Elon Musk paid $11 million to purchase the domain name
Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, revealed today the purchase price of the domain name He paid $11 million to buy in February 2016 from its previous owner. The purchase pric...

Does Google Manipulate Your Search Results? Sundar Pichai’s Rival Says Yes, Explains How
Currently, DuckDuckGo processes about 24.4 million search queries daily. And the site has just become easier to locate, as the company acquired the premium generic domain name from ...

DuckDuckGo Search Engine Acquires ‘’ Domain From Google
On Monday, NamePros, an online community for domain name investors ... giant has been redirecting users to its search engine’s homepage for years. “We’re pleased Google has chosen to transfer ownershi...

10 end user domain sales up to $450,000
It is forwarding the domain to its website. $8,888- Home rental company Rentberry now owns the Canadian ccTLD for its ... only floral/plant-related purchase. This domain na...

Google cedes control of domain to DuckDuckGo
Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has taken control of the domain from Google. Google had gained ownership of the domain after agreeing to acquire video codec startup On2 ...

Tesla Motors Lands Domain Name ‘Parked By Owner’ For 23 Years
Tesla Motors now owns something its top executives ... storage and gives the company a domain that can encapsulate both segments of its business. It also nabs the more popular internet search term, wh...

Top Dog Names of 2018: Max is out, Bella Still Reigns
The results are based on the search selections of the 4.3 million dog owners who used the site this year for their new pet. For the top male dog names, there was a huge surprise: Max is no longer in t...

Google’s Matt Cutts: How To Avoid Buying A Domain Name Previously Ruined By Spammers
If you are purchasing a site from a current owner, Cutts recommends asking to see the site’s traffic analytics so that you can identify any unusual trends. “Overall, if you do a site-colon search, or ... Domain Suspended After UK Police Request, the largest torrent search engine on the Internet ... However, the site’s owner should still be able to regain full control over the domain name. Previously, ICANN’s Transfer Dispute Reso...

We bet you don’t know who owns and what it redirects to
The story behind the domain name is intriguing, as a community of people looking for search engine DuckDuckGo has found another search engine instead. Google. While the search engine giant owns the Du...

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