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Domain Name Registration Renewal News

Registrant Retains Domain Name
Here’s the relevant discussion in the decision: “Respondent contends that its renewal of the registration does not establish bad faith. When a respondent registers a domain name prior to a complainant ...

Domain Registration VS Web Hosting
After the end of registration period domain name can be renew. Registration service providing company will remind renewal date with email and post. Some registration service provider provides renewal ...

Marketing giant Marketo forgets to renew domain name. Hilarity ensues
Fortunately one of those customers was a domain name specialist and quickly figured out the problem – the company had somehow, unfathomably, failed to renew its dotcom and its registration had expired ...

Does Google Prefer Domain Names Registered For a Long Time?
Domain Name Registration for Brand Protection What makes more sense ... But show me your test results after I renew my domain name for a few more years.

Verisign's Attempt to Increase its Fees Still Unjustified Despite Diversionary Tactic
but 100% of .com domain name registrants may soon be subject to higher registration and renewal fees from Verisign. As such, if Verisign were permitted to raise the fees for .com domain names, most of ...

Verisign gets patent for predicting domain name renewal rates
A crystal ball for estimating domain name renewal rates. The U.S. Patent and Trademark office has granted patent number 9,094,467 to Verisign for “Method and system for predicting domain name registra...

The registration of the domain names is usually administered ... Domain Renewal: After one year you need to renew your domain name so that your website does not get lost. Generally when your domain is ...

4 domain name registration myths debunked
At the end of the registration period, you (the domain name registrant) have the option to renew the domain name registration for an additional period of time or let it expire. It is important to rene...

Google Domains is renewing domain names for free
... customers who turn on auto renew by July 11 get a free one year renewal. Google Domains, Google’s newish domain name registration service, is renewing domain names for free. The company sent an em...

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