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Domain Name Registration Web News The Best Provider of Hosting and Cheap Domain Registration Services
... simple to use and removes the headache of managing a website hosting or domain registration. With, clients can get their favourite choice of website names using simple domain name ...

What's Abusive in Registering Domain Names, and the Reverse?
Then, and only then, if complainants pass the second test can they proceed to the ultimate step of proving registration and use in ... the disputed domain name was resolving to a website featuring the ...

Ethereum Is Getting Its First Top-Level Domain Name
Likewise, MMX said the .luxe addresses will allow "names to resolve over the internet in the normal way for email or web-based traffic," enabling ... "an automated registrar that allows anyone to regi...

Kaspersky VPN blabbed domain names of visited websites – and gave me a $0 reward, says chap
Whenever you would visit a website, say,, from your device with Kaspersky's VPN enabled, and your browser needed to look up the IP address of the domain name, it would reach ... s...

Dubliner's use of Victoria's Secret domain name causes storm in a D-cup
... an Ohio-based holding company for Victoria’s Secret registered a complaint with Wipo over Dowling’s use of the domain name. There was no website hosted on the domain, but the US ...

ICANN to enable website name booking in Indian scripts
A Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel (NBGP), set up under ICANN, has started consultation to enable registration of website name extension, technically called top-level domain (TLD), like .com, .net, .in, in ...

Crypto World Journal tries to reverse domain name hijack
In the complaint, it’s clear that the Complainant thinks the owner had the domain name since its original registration date in 1999. Nonetheless, it pursued the case by filing a UDRP with World Intell...

Africa: New Provision Made in .africa Domain Names for Resellers
Delegates attending the DNS Forum in Cotonou also noted that the dotAfrica extension, which is Africa's new home on the World Wide Web, recently passed the 16 000 domain name registration milestone. " ...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
Today he launches the domain registration service ... holders have taken aim at the domain name industry, calling on players to take a more active approach against piracy. One of the often heard compl...

TP-Link forgets to register domain name, leaves config pages open to hijack
Unlike most other vendors, however, it appears that TP-Link has failed to renew its registration for the domain ... There are also still references to the old domain names on TP-Link's website.

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