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WHOIS guard protection on domain
InterNIC maintains the WHOIS database, a central registry. When you register for a domain, there are chances that your name, address, phone no., e-mail is exposed to marketing firms, spammers, and onl...

Why Internet domain registry has so much outdated information
loaded with seriously outdated information. InterNIC, the Internet Network Information Center that coordinates domain name registration, requires domain name holders to provide an administrative and a ...

Wells Fargo offers free domain registration to customers
Wells has teamed up with TabNet hosting services to provide Wells Fargo's 80,000 current ... giveaway is the $70 charge imposed by InterNIC (the Internet's authorized naming clearinghouse) to register ...

The Meeting That Changed the DARPA Datagram Internet
The National Science Foundation awarded a small contract to the IEEE to host a small two-day meeting on 30 Sept 1994 of selected invitees at the IEEE's Washington DC 18th Street offices on "Name ... R...

InterNIC (Internet Network Information Center)
Unitl recently, InterNIC (Internet Network Information Center), a ... competition will be introduced in domain name registration for these top-level domains and a new, non-profit global organization, ...

How to Recover a Hijacked Domain
Once you register a business domain, you might ... do a Whois search on (see link in Resources) and look for a field titled “registrar” or “sponsoring registrar” to find the registrar’s n...

How Domain Name Servers Work
That's where registrars come in. A registrar is an authority that can assign domain names directly under one or more top-level domains and register them with InterNIC, a service of ICANN, which enforc...

Buying a T1 Connection
It is very difficult for an end-user customer to get IP addresses directly from InterNIC, the domain name registration authority. This means, if a customer switches ISPs, it loses its old IP addresses ...

Registration of domain names
How do I register a domain name? Domain names can be registered through many different companies (known as "registrars") that compete with one another. A listing of these companies appears in the Regi... braces for competition
(IDG) -- With dozens of potential competitors still tied up at the starting gate, has been blessed with ... Obviously NSI needs to release control of the domain name, which i...

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