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How to install Popcorn Time movie player on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux
The objective is to install Popcorn Time movie streamer on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux. Warning: There are multiple projects under different domain names claiming to be the "Popcorn Time" movie player on the Internet. These projects are malware clones ...

Monitoring Kubernetes (part 3): Kubernetes Troubleshooting Service Discovery
It tries the domain name verbatim as we typed in the command line ... Sysdig is available in all the main Linux distros, for OSX and also Windows. Download it from here to get the last version. Sysdig is an open source tool but the company behind the ...

What is SDN? How software-defined networking changed everything
Further, it completely cancels out the original purpose of the Domain Name System (DNS) for the internet ... is a direct outgrowth of SDN. Although the Linux operating system, since its inception, had utilized means to compartmentalize namespaces for ...

5 Steps to Installing WordPress with LEMP on Alibaba Cloud
This step is pretty straightforward, it mostly involves purchasing an ECS instance from the Alibaba Cloud console, selecting your preferred configurations, and running some Linux commands ... step by configuring a domain name to serve our site, and ...

Objects: Let's Get the Definition Right | @CloudEXPO #Java #Linux #DigitalTransformation
Not only will you have the entity objects of the problem domain and the software objects of the computer ... You might identify this the class of this object with a name like OrderManager, or perhaps more preferably UnitOfWork. The UnitOfWork object ...

‘Bitcoin-stealing Malware’: BTC Wallet Electrum Exposes Malicious Copycat
Recently, a new wallet that goes by a similar name — Electrum Pro — popped up with the domain name, ... available in the Windows and OS X versions of ElectrumPro. The Linux version remains unaffected, probably because the scammers did ...

A Guide To CPanel Hosting - Definition, Benefits And Security Tips
The first step involves installation of Linux operating system and secondly running the ... For monitoring your website and domain names availability, you can subscribe to any monitoring tools available online. Configuring the monitoring system is ...

Live Editing HTML and CSS With Chrome DevTools
If you work regularly in a Linux environment, there’s a good chance you’ve used ... The most helpful for those less familiar with CSS is autocomplete. As you type in the name of your style, Chrome will suggest likely matches. Once you enter the name ...

Security and Non-Latin Domain Name Characters
I haven't made any hard predictions for 2010 yet, but it could be the first year of Internationalized Domain Name security threats. A few months ago ICANN, the organization in charge of such things, approved the addition of top-level domain names with non ...

Inside the Brotherhood of the Ad Blockers
It takes on the role of your network’s Domain Name Server (DNS), meaning it translates IP addresses ... Salmela, the creator of Pi-hole, is a 33-year-old Linux administrator who lives outside Minneapolis with his wife and son. He has buzzed brown hair ...

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